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Valentín (2002)
Bill Bailey in 1955

My latest collage Marilyn of the Clover Available in Pink Atom Etsy Store
Description (or what were you thinking when you created this?): The images used to create this collage were taken from 70s Playboy magazines, vintage art books, and real clover from my yard.  I cut out some of the background to give it a curvaceous shape.  The entire image has a grunge look from applying layers of decoupage then acrylic lacquer.  NOTE: The image has a very glossy surface and there is a lot of reflected sky in the image.
Title: Marilyn of the Clover
Size (approx): 9” x 15”
Medium: Collage
Materials: Paper, Decoupage, Acrylic Lacquer,  Corrugated Cardboard
Signed: On reverse